Babylon Premium Spa

By using pioneering therapies and a holistic philosophy, Babylon Premium Spa is frequently considered to be one of the best spas in Hanoi.

The desire for good health and beauty through meditation, massage and use of natural herbal remedies is a long tradition all over the world

In Babylon Premium Spa, you will get experience this tradition which has been transferred through many generations in the restored century-old teakwood house - an oasis of peace and tranquility

Our Spa is a mixture of ancient culture, Oriental rituals and treatments which brings you enjoyable moments and wonderful experience.

Special offer discount: 

20% for package or body massage from 10:00 am to 16:00 pm 

PRICE x 1,000 VND 

Refreshing Package

Price from: 1,200
Refreshing Package 2h20'
Offer fruit and juice
Hotstone massage  60'
Foot Treatment 80'

Relaxing Package

Price from: 2,100
Relaxing Package 3h00

Offer fruit and juice 
Body scrub with salt  30'
Rice body wrap 30'
Vietnamese massage 60'
Skin whitening and increasing moisture 60'

Amazing Package

Price from: 3,100
Amazing Package  4h00
Offer fruit and juice 
Body srub with coffee 30'
Dead sea mud wrap 30'
Synergy massage 60'
Anti-aging facial care with collagen mask 60'
Manicure & pedicure color 60'

Head & Shoulder

Price from: 350
Head & Shoulder Massage

Time 30'  45'
 Price 300  450

Shoulder With Hotstone

Price from: 450
Shoulder With Hotstone

Time                                   30'   45'
 Price 400 580

Shoulder & Back

Price from: 450
Shoulder & Back Massage

Time 30'  45'
Price 300 450

Four Hands Massage

Price from: 850
This technique is using the synchronization of clapping and punching of two masseurs. The purpose is to increase the speed and give you a simultaneous massage on the back and legs.

 Time   60'  75'
 Price  1200  1500

Synergy Massage

Price from: 700
A combination massage utilizing the best of Thai, Shiatsu and Aroma massage techniques to stimu-late to body's meridians; resulting in energy balance and restoring health. 

 Time  60' 75' 90'  120'
 Price  700  820  950  1100

Shiatsu Massage

Price from: 700
This firm and masterful massage was originated from Japanese acupressure techniques. It focuses on deeply pressing on tender or sensitive points that help  stimulate blood flow, release toxins, and allow the body to naturally heal itself.

 Time      60'          75'            90'             120'             
 Price  700  820  950  1100

Hotstone Massage

Price from: 650
This treatment blends the therapeutic properties of heated basalt stones with swedish massage techniques to deeply penetrate tight muscles, improve circulation and promote a sense of well-being.

 Time      60'          75'            90'             120'             
 Price  650 750  850  950

Vietnamese Traditional Massage

Price from: 600
The Vietnamese style of massage focuses on working out knots in muscles through kneading techniques, the prime focus is de-stressing the body. 

 Time    60'        75'        90'      120'
 Price 600  750 850 950

Thai Massage With Oil/ Without Oil

Price from: 650
This strong and joint-cracking massage uses both palm and thumb force to concentrate on pressure points over the whole body, helps relax muscles and create an overall sense of well being. 

 Time 60' 75' 90' 120'
 Price 650 750 850 950

Aroma Massage

Price from: 500
A thoroughly smoothing body massage using specially blended essential oil.

 Time 60' 75' 90' 120'
Price 500 600 700 900

Baby massage

Price from: 400
One kind of soft massage using aromatic oil and gentle massage techniques to rest your body. 

 Time 60' 75' 90' 120'
Price 400 460 550 700

Rice Body Wrap

Price from: 500
Rice Body Wrap
 Time 30'
Price 500

Dead Sea Mud Wrap

Price from: 500
Dead Sea Mud Wrap 
 Time 30'
Price 500

Spa Pedicure

Price from: 450
75'  Scrub and pedicure color

Spa manicure

Price from: 450
Scrub and manicure color 

Foot treatment

Price from: 550
80' Foot scrub +Massage + Paraffin mask

Foot Massage

Price from: 350
60' Foot massage helps balance your body by focusing on your feet to stimulate the body energy points.

Foot massage with hotstone

Price from: 420
60' massaging to stimulate the "chi" flow and  blood flow in your body by applying and apply the energy points on your foot with hot stone.

Foot Spa

Price from: 500
75' of exfoliate your foot with sea salt combining and relaxing massage.

Waxing Lip/chin/eyes brow

Price from: 150
The Brow Bar also offers lip and chin hair waxing services for women who want to remove those naughty stray hairs.

Waxing Half Arms

Price from: 200
Waxing half arms is a procedure where soft wax is applied on your arms, just above your elbows and the hair is completely pulled out from its very roots to give you a smooth and soft skin.

Waxing Full Arms

Price from: 320
Full Arms Waxing is a procedure where one can remove all the unwanted hair from their arms with the use of wax and wax-removal strips.

Waxing Half Legs

Price from: 250
Half leg/lower leg: Wax to just above the knees. Usually includes toes and feet if required

Waxing Full Legs

Price from: 420
Full Leg Waxing – Our full leg waxing treatment involves removing hair from both legs and applying our soothing wax formula in strips, from the top of the thigh to the ankle

Waxing Bikini Line

Price from: 330
The bikini line wax removes hair visible outside of a bathing suit or underwear. This service removes any hair on the upper inner thighs but does not remove any hair from the top

Waxing Full Bikini

Price from: 500
Bikini waxing is the removal of pubic hair using a special wax, which can be hot or cold, that adheres to hairs and pulls them out when the wax is removed quickly from the skin, usually with a cloth strip

Waxing Under Arms

Price from: 150
Underarm waxing is the ultimate in hair removal

Facial Care

Price from: 500
With 04 basic steps: cleanse, steam and scrub, massage and facial mask. 
 Option Time Price
Facial care with seasonal fruit 60' 500
Basic facial care 60'  500
 Skin whitening and moisturizing 60' 550
 Face acne care 70' 650
 Anti-aging facial care with collagen mask 75 750

Body Treatment

Price from: 450
A deep cleaning and extoliating treatment using mineral sea salt or natural ingredients to remove all dead skin, helping skin to be stronger with more vitamins.
 Option Time Price
Body scrub with salt/ coffee/ coconut 30' 450
Body scrub with green tea 30' 500
Body scrub and massage 75' 750